Scan Tool Tech Support

Scan Tool - Technical Support

AECS provides technical support for AECS Scan Tool owners, through our forum you will receive assistance from our technical team, conversations
from our forum community and the best diagnostic technicians around Australasia. AECS technical support will help you find the answers.

AECS Scope technical support has you and your workshop in mind, you will be able to:

  • Upload scan tool recordings to our forum so our technical team can assist.
  • Receive advice with analysing and interpreting live data results and next steps.
  • Assistance in finding data and wiring diagrams (where available).

Our support forums are unprecedented.

  • Private post to our technical team or share with the community.
  • Simple forum navigation and easy to use.
  • Notification of new posts via email (optional).
  • Search through previously solved cases to find your answer.
  • Upskill & learn from hundreds of previously solved cases.

Sign up for technical support here. See the latest in Scan Tool technology here.

Having forum issues or can't login? Please let us know: NZ: 06 874 9077 / Global: +64 6 874 9077.